Mihika and Amit, Singapore

Wedding Photographer, India, contemporary, candid wedding photography

"Pradeep, you truly enhanced the experience of our wedding festivities with your natural flair and effortless style of photography. We are usually so wrapped up in our roles as the bride and groom that we often miss the beautiful nuances and preparations that have gone into the wedding. You have done a great job of restoring those little precious details to our memories. We will cherish these moments for many years to come - it's probably going to be a fairy tale our children might grow up admiring! Thank you and keep up the good work :)"

Soumi and Arindam, New York, USA

Bengali Wedding Photos

"First trip together, the apprehensive ride on a hot air balloon, first walk in a field of charming tulips on a sunny spring day - after the dust settles, all that remain are these beautiful little rectangular pieces of life. Years later you sit together on an otherwise average evening and randomly browse them, or sprawl out the dusty album on your table next to your visiting relative's cup of tea - and your life flashes in front of your eyes. "Hey you look so cute in this one", "Oh wow, did I really do that", "Wait, that's where we had that fantastic meal".....nostalgia sets in at this refueling stop of the journey of life.

Therefore, we decided at the outset that one the most important elements of our wedding would be photography. Over a period of more than half a year, we scoured the web for the finest photoartists, and individually contacted and discussed our ideas with them. And boy are we proud that we did a wonderful job? :-). There is no match for Pradeep's hand of gold that produced timeless moments of sheer joy framed in an array of vibrant colors.

Thank you, really, Pradeep. For a moment, we considered hosting a simple get together instead of an elaborate wedding. We are glad we didn't do it - each picture you gave us is definitely worth ten thousand words that we would have spoken.

At this point in this review, my wife interrupted and said that I should also write some technical points about Pradeep's work. Point well taken! By no means this should sound like boilerplate language - but the whole experience was truly wonderful. He was very punctual and incredibly flexible about his schedule. Within minutes, he bonded with everyone and was treated like a family member. His presence throughout the entire day was low-key which we felt was very essential for candid captures. He took time to personally meet family members so that he could pay attention to each person while shooting. And the outcomes? Well...see for yourself."

Ishi and Vivek, New York, NY, USA

Indian Wedding Photographer in USA

"As we started planning our wedding, finding our photographer was "THE" most important thing for us so we spent months on the search. When we found Pradeep, both Vivek and I had to search no further. Besides loving his work, when we spoke to him, he was extremely professional,accommodating and personable. That really sealed the deal. Pradeep really understood what we were looking for and made us feel at ease. As the wedding drew closer, we were excited about the wedding, but were even more excited that he would be there to shoot it.

We met Pradeep for the first time at our wedding and he made photography the least stressful part of our wedding. He was our photographer friend. After the festivities, we still remember the first time we received all the pictures, and how we stayed up till the wee hours of an early morning to view them for the first time. The pictures were breathtaking. We couldn't have been more thrilled.

Now we relive our wedding though his pictures and our friends and family can't stop talking about his work. Having Pradeep capture our wedding was the best decision we ever made. Now to the more challenging task.. deciding which ones to frame.. :)"

Ishi and Vivek

Prarthana and Avinash, USA

best Wedding Photographer in India

"Dearest Pradeep,
Thank you very much for the photographs. They are absolutely fantastic!! We couldn't be more thrilled that our wedding has been captured so beautifully. I think its remarkable the way you have tweaked every photograph the way you see fit - and it does the picture wonders. I think the hard part is now picking the snaps that need to go into the album - they all look good! It was also great to have you be a part of our wedding - we will definitely think of you for all other upcoming family celebrations!!
You are the best...
Thank you for helping us all relive the wedding by constantly admiring the gorgeous photographs! :)
Regards and love, Prarthana & Avinash"

Cristina and Raj, Mumbai

Wedding Photographer, India, contemporary, candid wedding photography

"A true artist, a man with a great sense of professionalism and a gentleman to the core with a very cheerful demeanor...that's how we would describe Pradeep. The way he captures the moments and magically transforms them into a beautiful story is unique in its own way. We can't thank him enough for making our special day so memorable for the rest of our lives"

Rakesh and Sanghamitra, New York, USA

Wedding Photographer, India, contemporary, candid wedding photography

"Thanks a lot Pradeep, for all the wonderful wedding pictures - you made our special moments live forever in a beautiful way! You are an amazing photographer and that doesn't need any testimony, what both of us can testify to is your sheer professionalism, flexibility, no fuss attitude, modesty, humility and enthusiasm."

Trishna, UK

Wedding Photographer, India, contemporary, candid wedding photography

"I had seen some of the photographs taken by Pradeep on his website and having been impressed, I engaged him to be my wedding photographer. Pradeep takes amazing candid shots and can capture precious moments into a film. We wanted shots of the various events as opposed to posed snapshots and he delivered exactly that. Having introduced him to the family, he amicably blended in with the guests. Thanks to Pradeep, I love the photographic memories of my wedding!"

Sharmistha, Mumbai

Indian Wedding Photographer

"We all are so happy with the wonderful pictures you took of my sister's wedding and reception. We can relive the entire ceremony through your photos.We will treasure them for years to come. My friends are floored by the awesome moments that you have captured along with its intricacies... and the most important thing is your humility which you still maintain despite being the best in the field!! I truly feel more than satisfied with the breathtaking captures and happy that my recommendation about your work to Jiju proved correct.I will be recommending you to all future couples and anyone who wants professional photos.Thank you so much."

Anita and Deepak, Washington D.C., USA

best Wedding Photographer in India

Thank you so very much, Pradeep, for vividly capturing our wedding. Through your photos we felt like we could truly enjoy our wedding many times over through the expressions on all of our guests' faces. We are very grateful for your inquisitve eye and ability to highlight the split-second emotions that all together make up such a memorable time in our families' lives. We will be admiring your work for years to come. Thanks again.
Sincerely, Anita & Deepak

Priyanka and Ritban, Kolkata/Australia

Bengali Wedding Photographer

"When our marriage got fixed we decided to gift ourselves cherished lifelong memories of candid photographs capturing the true emotions and little nuances of all involved in the celebration of the most important event of our lives and looked for wedding photojournalists to understand and suit our needs.We saw Pradeep's work, loved the way they were shot with emotions truly captured and we roped him in. The photographs of our event were lovely and magical and it seemed that we were again seeing the marriage happening in front of our eyes and nothing was amiss.Thank You Pradeep for recreating the magic through your photographs and leaving us all with happy and lasting memories and lots and lots of moments to be cherished now and also in future."

Shilpa and Rakesh, Bangalore

Indian Wedding Photographer

"When we were researching wedding photo-journalists for my engagement, we luckily came across Pradeep’s site. Seeing his impressive portfolio of work, we decided we wanted him to capture the event, and Pradeep did not disappoint one bit. He worked his magic! We engaged him for our wedding too, and he created more amazing images from our big day!
More than his technical skills, Pradeep has an amazing eye to capture “in-between” moments. Pradeep is honest, easy going, personable and extremely accommodating as a photographer, stretching himself to meet client requirements. Very Highly recommended!!!"

Meera, Redmond, USA

best Wedding Photographer in India

"I chanced upon Pradeep's work online and was blown away by the quality of pictures on his website. A quick email to him rendered an equally fast response. In working with him, I realized Pradeep is professional and the quality of his work speaks for itself (as can be seen on his website). He is a delight to work with and you will not regret your choice of photographer for any special event :)."

Mahitha, Coimbatore, India

best Indian Wedding Photographer in USA

"Finding pradeep online was probably one of the most serendipitous moments of my niece's wedding. Pradeep had this amazing ability to almost disappear into the background and to be everywhere at the same time... he captured some beautiful moments during the three days he was with us... these were not just 'beautiful bride' pictures, but tender moments between people; a sideways glance, a couple holding hands, laughing children plotting mayhem, a young man hiding a drink behind his back as he leaned to speak to his mother... there are too many to mention. The way he captured light and shadows made every photograph picture perfect. He left us with so many special memories captured so beautifully, forever; I can't imagine not having pradeep with us every time there is a special occasion in the family."

Jui and Raj, Australia

best Indian Wedding Photographer in USA

"“Wishing some moments could last forever” ...are ever so frequently experienced yet the wish itself is so far from reality. Our wedding days were the biggest of such sort.
Jui and I met, met some more, got to know each other, held hands, walked together, walked some more, looked into each other’s eyes , always smiled, tears also came along the way, fell, rose and are still in love and last but not the least got married...
“wish some moments could last forever” ...a wish that came true at the hands of Pradeep. He not only captured moments, he captured the story in them. Images that speak and elaborate a still moment by observation and some of it by imagination, Pradeep delivered the unique blend.
His images now define one of the most if the not the most important milestone in our lives. His various clicks make us and our family smile, thrilled, excited and teary every time we journey down memory lane.
Pradeep thank you. You’re an absolute gentleman and a fantastic photographer. Jui, I and our family will never forget you and the experience."

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